ZINC (ZDDP) is widely known to be the prime ingredient to protect flat tappet cams and valve train components within engines using heavy increases in valve spring pressure, to control aggressive camshaft profiles. ZINC is also the protective additive necessary to protect older vintage engines that were produced when Zinc was the prime additive used to provide the last measure of protection against catastrophic failure. It is necessary for the proper amount of ZINC to be used in relation to engine oil for the ideal amount of protection. Zinc provides the proper amount of the ZDDP additive to treat six quarts of engine oil, giving the proper ratio of 3000-3200 ppm for proper engine break in and protection of high pressure valve train components. It is important to understand that ZINC is blended with a light base mineral oil that aids in the quick and complete dispersion into any engine oil for fast activation for protection on first startup. For maximum protection ZINC must be reapplied to engine oil when the oil and filter are changed.


  • Provides Maximum Protection For Engine Break In
  • Protects Flat Tappet Camshafts (Hyd or Solid)
  • Provides increased lubrication of Roller Lifter Bearings (Hyd or Solid)
  • Protects Upper Valve train Components
  • Provides Maximum Metal to Metal Protection
  • Protects Vintage Car Engines
  • Protects Muscle Car Engines
  • Contains No Other Extreme Pressure Additives

Rev-X ZINC can be purchased in singles, in a box of 9 or in a case of 25.

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