What is REV-X Ultimate?

REV-X Ultimate Diesel Fuel Additive is formulated as a complete warm climate, SINGLE use full tank diesel treatment. No more measuring amounts or storing unused additives. Just a simple put it all in the tank solution. REV-X Ultimate Diesel Fuel Additive provides an added level of protection while adding to your engine's performance and efficiency. REV-X Ultimate Diesel Fuel Additive covers all aspects to provide customers with a single solution to keep their diesels running trouble-free year round in warm climates.

REV-X Ultimate Benefits:

  • Easy To Use SINGLE Application Product
  • Increases Engine Power And Efficiency
  • A Minimum 6 Point Cetane Gain For Improved Fuel Performance
  • Provides Added Lubrication to Keep all Fuel Systems (New or Old) Operating at Peak Performance
  • Reduces Exhaust Emissions and Diesel Smoke
  • Contains Alcohol Free Water Dispersant Package
  • Increases Storage Life Of Diesel Fuel For Up To One Full Year
  • One Bottle Treats 25 Gallons Of Diesel Fuel

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