• Concentrated formula that allows you to use any synthetic, semi-Synthetic or mineral based oil of your choice.
  • Will not change or alter the viscosity of your oil.
  • Eliminates friction on all high load components.
  • Activates and works harder under extreme pressure and heat cycles.
  • Attracts to hot spots creating a protective layer 4 times thicker and 2500 times denser than the oil itself.
  • Never have to shake well before adding; REV-X stays in suspension and will not settle to the bottom of your oil pan.
  • Maximizes lubrication during cold starts.
  • Provides increased lubrication to all valvetrain components.
  • Reduces operating temperatures in high performance engines.
  • Extreme reduction in component wear of all treated parts.
  • Cleans entire oil system without the use of dangerous chemical strippers.
  • Increase the service life of all treated lubricants.
  • Can be used in Most Types of Lubricating Fluids
    • Engine Oils
    • Gear Lubricants
    • Hydraulic Oil Including Power Steering
    • Transfer Case Fluids
    • Manual Transmission Fluids (Not designed for Automatic Transmissions or Wet Clutches)
    • Marine Out Drives
  • DOES NOT CONTAIN: Zinc, ZDDP, Graphite, Moly, Teflon, Sawdust, Acids or any other harmful chemicals.
  • For use in a variety of applications that require the highest grade of lubrication available.
  • Rev X is safe for all Soft and Exotic Metals.
  • Environmentally friendly product.


High performance engines need extra protection that traditional lubricants are just not designed for. High performance parts put a lot of pressure on parts which in turns creates a lot of heat. Heat, the natural enemy of performance, will break down the molecules in any lubricant causing it to thin, leading to a revolving cycle in loss of lubricity and viscosity. This cycle will lead to engine parts such as the crank, main bearings, rod bearings, camshaft bearings, valve lifters, rocker arms, valve springs and all other engine components having metal to metal contact. This leades to higher engine temperatures and the cycle starts over at a faster rate.

Too much of this loss in lubricity and viscosity will lead to engine failure. With the average high performance engine costing anywhere from $5,000 to well over $100,000, this is a very expensive but easily avoidable problem. With REV X Racing Oil additive the heat and pressure activates the key ingredients attracting itself to these hot spots, coating them with a protective layer that is 4 times thicker and 2500 times denser than the oil. With the added protection, that REV X provides, the friction and pressure that causes the heat will drop and in turn so will the temperature.

What makes a Great Oil?

Oil in general, regardless if it's synthetic, semi-synthetic or mineral oil have three things in common. They are made from a base stock, additives and then packaged. The cost of that oil is based on those same 3 things plus the cost of marketing. The more you know about a company the more you're paying for the marketing and packaging. What seperates a poor oil from a great oil is the additives and the quality of the oil base stock they are added to. Standard oil just isn't enough for the abuse high performance engines and parts are going to subject the oil too. With REV X, your not buying fancy packaging or a multi million dollar ad campaign. Your getting the unaltered, unmixed, filler free additive package to use in any type of lubricant and viscosity you choose.

Don't SETTLE for Low Quality Oils or Cheap Additives

The problem with additives and oil treatments has always been how do you mix them into a system that is designed to prevent them from being there? REV X has designed an additive package that stays suspended in the lubricant, becoming part of it, preventing the key ingredients from settling to the bottom of the oil pan or getting stuck in the oil filter. This ensures your lubricant will keep protecting instead of breaking down and adding to the natural problems caused by heat and friction.

Already running a Great Oil?

REV X Racing Oil Additive is designed to make any lubricant better, no matter what base lubricant you add it to, giving your favorite oil more protection than it already has. It will make a bad lubricant great, a good lubricant fantastic and take a great lubricant and make it the best lubricant available anywhere. There is no additive package on the market, other than REV X, that completely stays in suspension, they all say say shake well before use. There is no other oil treatment available, other than REV X, that coats hot spots with a layer 4 times thicker and 2500 times denser than the oil it self. There is no lubricant or additive package, other than REV X, that protects while also cleaning the entire oil system. There is no other detergent package, other than REV X, with an organic cleaner that aggressively breaks down and dissolves sludge and deposits.

How Does REV X Save You Money?

For less than $10 a quart REV X will protect your highly prized and highly expensive engine. Giving yo uthe best chance possible at saving thousands in repair bills, engine rebuilds and valuable fun. Recently Sprint car driver Anthony McCune ran the last 20 laps of a race with no water, here's what his engine builder had to say.

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