REV-X MEGA SYPHON+ (3/4 Inch x 10 Feet)


The MEGA SYPHON+ is the "Mac Daddy" of all syphons and will easily transfer light, medium and heavy fluids from one source to another in the least amount of time of any syphon. Sporting a heavy wall 3/4 inch x 10 feet long clear hose, you will be able to see any fluid flow through the MEGA SYPHON+ at a rapid rate. The MEGA SYPHON+ has the ability to handle any type of fluid from water to gasoline. It just makes sense! If you gotta drain the pool, "GET THE MEGA SYPHON+." If you`ve gotta drain water out of the boat, "GET THE MEGA SYPHON+." Get with the flow and get yours TODAY!


  • The MEGA+ rapidly transfers large volumes of liquids like no other syphon can.
  • Simply jiggle MEGA+ end in liquid to start syphoning.
  • Eliminates sucking on the end of a hose to get liquids moving.
  • Eliminates the possibility of inhaling liquids.
  • Dramatically reduces the time needed to syphon liquids.
  • Clear 10 foot hose allows visual verification of liquid flow.
  • Quickly transfers even the heaviest liquids.

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