REV-X MEGA SYPHON (1/2 inch x 10 feet)

  • The Mega Syphon is the safest way to transfer any liquid!
  • Simply jiggle Mega Syphons high impact brass end in any liquid to start siphoning.
  • Eliminates sucking on the end of a hose, to creat a vacuum, to get liquids moving.
  • Eliminates the possibility of inhaling dangerous liquids.
  • Reduces the time needed to siphon liquids.
  • Durable clear 10' hose allows visual verification of liquid flow.

Anyone who has ever siphoned liquids using the suck and spit method knows it's not the easiest or safest way to transfer liquids. More times than not you will lose vacuum and have to start the whole process over again. With Mega Syphons half inch check valve and 10 foot long hose you can now transfer or remove fluids without using an electric pump or sucking on the end of a hose to create the vacuum necessary to get liquids moving. Simply jiggle Mega Syphons high impact brass valve in any liquid and watch it do the work for you.

REV-X Mega Syphon

The Easiest and Safest Way to Siphon Liquids!

The Mega Syphon is constructed with FDA food grade safe plastic. The check valves are constructed using 100% lead free copper, industrial strength glass balls and stainless steel springs. Because of the strength of these parts you are able to safely siphon any liquid such as gasoline, diesel fuel, oils, alcohol, beer, water, antifreeze or any other light to medium viscosity fluid while maintaining the highest amount of safety possible.

Why use Copper?

When transferring flammable liquids such as gasoline you want to make sure the check valve is not going to corrode, rust or even worse release a static discharge. With copper you can eliminate all of those things from occuring. Other siphon hoses use cheap tin, or copper plated tin. With Mega Syphon the check valve is 100% copper, making sure it will last when you need to use it.
REV-X Mega Syphon
REV-X Mega Syphon
REV-X Mega Syphon


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