REV-X Marine Oil Additive

Whether you have a 12 foot fishing boat with a 6hp outboard engine or the latest off shore power boat with a thousand plus horsepower, Rev X Marine Oil Additive protects all of your boats vital components like nothing you've ever seen. Add in the amazing benefits of increased component performance, decreased operating temperatures, elimination of metal to metal contact and Rev X Marine Oil Additive simply becomes a necessity for any boat owner. There is a good reason that more and more offshore boat race teams are using Rev X Marine Oil Additive, you can't finish in first place if you can't finish the race. Rev X Marine Oil Additive can be utilized in any engine oil, power steering fluid, outdrive lubricant, etc to increase the performance to unheard of levels. If your looking for the ultimate insurance policy to keep your boat on the water and out of the shop, get Rev X Marine Oil Additive in your boat today!

What Rev X marine oil additive will do for you:

  • Increase engine performance while radically extending service life
  • Reduce engine operating temperatures while extending lubricating fluid life
  • Extend outdrive service life on high horsepower applications
  • Reduce high operating temperatures within outdrives
  • Provide maximum lubrication for turbochargers
  • Provide smooth and precise power trim performance
  • Improves harsh shifting of lower units and out drives
  • Provide smoother steering while eliminating chatter.
  • Keep you on the water enjoying your boat for the reason you bought it
Product Reviews

REV-X MarineFacebook
I have run just there additive in my outdrives and motors and have nothing but positive results! looking forward to running there outdrive oil for next season! I have yet to lose an outdrive over the last 4 seasons, and put on well over 3000 miles on my 2 boats between twin alphas and twin bravo drives.
-- Justin Bultsma on 12/2/2016

Checkout what Brit Lilly has to say about REV-X Drive H in the video below.
-- Brit Lilly on 8/4/2017

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