REV-X Marine Oil Additive
Rev X on the WATER?

Headed out to that fishing hole to catch the big one?  Determined to set the fast time on the poker run with the sticks to the dash?  Do you have peace of mind that REV-X MARINE OIL ADDITIVE has all the treated systems in your boat protected from oil related failure?

No matter if you have a 12 foot fishing boat with a 6hp kicker or an off shore power boat Rev X can protect the engine like nothing else available on this planet.  Toss in the added benefit of increased performance with any engine and REV-X MARINE OIL ADDITIVE is simply AMAZING.

Put to the test by Lilly Sport Boat, where Rev X provided parts longevity while boosting performance levels to WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP status.  If REV-X MARINE OIL ADDITVE can hold up to the high demands of power boat racing then it surely can do amazing things for your boat.

What can Rev X marine oil additive do for you?   

  • Compatible with two and four stoke gasoline and diesel engines. 
  • Designed to be used in any oiling system or hydraulic system
  • Hydraulic systems will work faster and smoother (Trim and Steering)
  • Extends the service life of all components in oiling system
  • Reduced friction in the Engine and Drive or Lower Unit
  • Eliminates high operating running temps
  • Smoother shifting lower units and out drives
  • Increased life of seals and rubber products 
  • Compatible with any engine oil, drive fluid, or hydraulic fluid 

Back to happy thought’s.

Before heading out on the water put your mind at ease with the use of REV X Marine Oil Additive! Never before has a single product given boating enthusiasts so much protection, and assurance.

It’s simple to use, just poor it in and enjoy your investment! 

Product Reviews

REV-X MarineFacebook
I have run just there additive in my outdrives and motors and have nothing but positive results! looking forward to running there outdrive oil for next season! I have yet to lose an outdrive over the last 4 seasons, and put on well over 3000 miles on my 2 boats between twin alphas and twin bravo drives.
-- Justin Bultsma on 12/2/2016

Checkout what Brit Lilly has to say about REV-X Drive H in the video below.
-- Brit Lilly on 8/4/2017

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