The GEAR Racing Differential Lubricants have been developed exclusively to absolutely be the best gear lubricants available at any cost. Extreme Performance is what they bring to the racing industry by drastically out performing other racing products in film strength, shock load performance and the reduction of friction on all stressed components. The GEAR Differential Lubricants greatly increase the performance and reliability of any differential to deliver unrivaled protection of bearings, ring and pinion gears and seals while eliminating high component temperatures even in the harshest racing environment. GEAR Racing Differential Lubricants are available in 3 different weights for your vehicle, Light, Medium and Heavy.  

If your racing application demands a product that provides unmatched performance and protection, GEAR differential fluid is the only choice.

  • For Use in Factory and Aftermarket Differentials
  • Provide Maximum Protection Against Extreme Shock-Loading
  • Eliminates Pitting and Spalling of Gears and Bearings
  • Reduces High Component Temperatures
  • Reduces Friction, Allowing More Power To Reach The Wheels
  • Increases Component Service Life
  • Maximizes Reliability At A Cost Any Racing Program Can Afford

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