DRIVE-H (H or Heavyweight) is the CURE for the lubrication related failures in high performance outdrives. DRIVE-H is a Heavily additized 80w-90 GL-5 semi-synthetic lubricant that provides high performance outdrives benefits that just were not available in previous lubricants. The focus of Drive-H was to provide the ultimate protection by eliminating metal to metal wear on gears, bearings and shifting components in racing applications where high loads and heavy abuse is the norm. DRIVE-H provides the highest increases in load capacity and shock load protection of any heavyweight outdrive lubricant currently available. DRIVE-H also reduces the operating temperatures of the entire outdrive to provide increased service life of all lubricated components seals and lubricating fluid. Whether you are running mildly upgraded power to a stock drive or huge power to a full racing drive, DRIVE-H outdrive fluid will provide all outdrives with the maximum lubrication possible to eliminate the expensive failures that have become so common.

***For use in all OEM and aftermarket drives that call for a GL-4, GL-5, 80w+ lubricating fluid***

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