The Diesel fuel used within the Marine industry has gone through many changes over the last 10 years. The Renewable Fuel Standards Act of 2005 set by the EPA instituted many changes to decrease the overall exhaust emissions. However, the fuel industry had to completely revise diesel fuel to such a large extent to achieve the emissions results called for by the EPA, that many of the beneficial qualities of the previous fuel were lost. The proper amount of lubrication for all older fuel systems was eliminated, cetane levels hit an all time low and fuel storage life has been reduced from years to less than six months. The single largest downside was the removal of all but 15 particals per millionth (15ppm) of Sulfur from diesel fuel. Many older diesel engines (2007 and older) require sulfur for lubricating fuel system components and upper cylinder lubrication. Without the proper additional lubricant, rapid wear occurs to fuel system components and top end components causing substantial damage to older engines.
Distance+ Marine increases the performance of today's diesel fuel to a new level while providing benefits even previous diesel formulations didn't provide.

Benefits of using Distance+ Marine:

  • Increased Power And Torque
  • Increased Engine Efficiency
  • Increased Engine Response
  • Decreased Exhaust Emissions
  • Decreased Exhaust Smoke and Soot
  • Additional cleaning Power To Keep The Entire Fuel System Clean
  • Bio Fuel Neutralizing Additive to Keep Clean Fuel Systems Trouble Free
  • Increases Fuel Storage Life to Over a Full Year
Distance+ Marine is the all in one Marine Diesel fuel additive that eliminates all of the downsides of today's diesel fuel and adds the maximum performance features to make your boating experience the stress free get away it should be.

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