DISTANCE+ Diesel Fuel Additive is simply the most cost effective, complete, and high performance fuel additive available for running any diesel-powered equipment in summer conditions.

When you are looking for the highest quality summer fuel additive for today's ultra low sulfur diesel fuel, you need to look no further than our DISTANCE+ Diesel Fuel Additive. The DISTANCE+ Fuel Additive was formulated to be a true all-in-one ULSD fuel additive that requires NOTHING else to be added. DISTANCE+ Fuel Additive boosts ULSD fuel performance to a level that diesel owners simply have not had the opportunity to purchase.

Benefits of DISTANCE+ Diesel Fuel Additive:
  • Year-Round Protection in Warm Weather Areas
  • A Maximum 12 point Cetane Increase
  • Neutralizes Negative Aspects of Bio Blend Fuels (B5 - B20)
  • Improved Cold Starting On All Diesel Engines
  • Increases Detergent and Lubrication Properties
  • Increases Corrosion Protection
  • Increases Engine Performance
  • Reduces Component Wear
  • Reduces Engine and Exhaust Emissions and Toxic Smoke
  • Dramatically Increases Fuel Storage Life
  • Increases Water Dispersion
  • Reduces EGT Temperatures
  • Keeps Fuel Stable to -0°F
  • Many Customers Are Also Reporting Fuel Mileage Gains as Well!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What happens if I pour in to much, can I damage my engine?
Answer: No, more Distance Plus will only increase the Cetane levels of the fuel and not damage your engine. Depending on the fuel it may be necessary to use higher concentrations of Distance Plus to get the engine to burn the fuel properly.

Question: How well does Distance Plus clean my fuel system?
Answer: Distance Plus restores your fuel system to like new. Note: Check fuel filters after a couple uses as it may need to be changed.

Question: How much Distance Plus do I use for my tank?
Answer: One (1) ounce of Distance Plus will treat 25 US Gallons of diesel fuel. Simply use the bottle to squeeze the desired amount and only pour out what you need. Check out our REV X Ultimate for single use.

Product Reviews

Save Your DieselAmazon
If you have a diesel pickup you need this fuel additive.
-- Don on 3/12/2017

I'm HappyAmazon
Could see a difference after running 2 full tanks of fuel ... I'm happy
--  on 6/25/2017

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