REV-X Products recognizes the enormous investment that all yacht owners have made. With the use of REV-X Products, we will extended the life of the engines, drive systems and power systems, while maximizing performance and efficiency for many years to come.

REV-X Oil Additive brings a new level of Lubrication to the Yachting industry that allows our vessel to be ready to go mechanically any time you need, instead of being on the list for repairs that keep you from being able to enjoy your investment. REV-X also increases the Performance and efficiency of all Gas and Diesel engines to levels that can be easily seen and felt by even the most discriminating customer, such as smoother and quieter running engines, more power and cooler running temperatures. More importantly is the level of protection that REV-X Oil Additive provides to power plants and turbo systems, ensuring the highest level of reliability for all treated components that eliminates lubrication related failures making sure that when you finally do get time to get away you can relax without worry.
12oz Treats all Large Diesel Engines
8oz Treats all Large Gasolines Engines

Drive System
DRIVE-H (H or Heavyweight) is the CURE for the lubrication related failures in high performance outdrives. DRIVE-H is a Heavily additized 80w-90 GL-5 semi-synthetic lubricant that provides high performance outdrives benefits that just were not available in previous lubricants. The focus of Drive-H was to provide the ultimate protection by eliminating metal to metal wear on gears, bearings and shifting components in racing applications where high loads and heavy abuse is the norm. DRIVE-H provides the highest increases in load capacity and shock load protection of any heavyweight outdrive lubricant currently available. DRIVE-H also reduces the operating temperatures of the entire outdrive to provide increased service life of all lubricated components seals and lubricating fluid. Whether you are running mildly upgraded power to a stock drive or huge power to a full racing drive, DRIVE-H outdrive fluid will provide all outdrives with the maximum lubrication possible to eliminate the expensive failures that have become so common.

For use in all OEM and aftermarket drives that call for a GL-4, GL-5, 80w+ lubricating fluid.

Hydraulic Steering and Hydraulic Systems

Rev-X Oil Additive brings new life to Hydraulic systems in the form of greatly increased lubrication properties. With increased lubrication, reduced fluid and component temperatures are realized throughout the entire hydraulic system promoting extended life for lubricating fluid, steel, rubber and plastic components ensuring smoother operation and increased reliability to keep your investment running trouble free.

4oz of REV-X treats 12 Gallons of Hydraulic Fluid


Rev-X Distance Diesel Fuel Additives were formulated to be the top performing all in one additive package money can buy at a cost effective price. The Distance Additives increase engine performance and fuel economy in all diesel engines. However, Distance Additives also eliminate ALL of the problems that are associated with Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel boosting reliability for all fuel system components and extending the useful life of diesel fuel for up to a full year. Some of the immediate benefits the Distance Fuel Additives provide are smoother idling and running engines, greatly reduced exhaust smoke, increased fuel economy and higher top speeds. So, If you are interested in decreased repairs, increased performance and increased fuel efficiency for your investment - REV-X Products has you covered with the Distance Diesel Fuel products.
1oz Treats 25gallons

REV-X Adrenaline Marine Additive increases the performance and eliminates the problems of all pump/marine gasoline. Adrenaline Marine's formulation eliminates all issues created by ethanol treated gasoline such as, corrosion of soft metal components, degrading of rubber components, rapid deterioration of fuel that is stored, rapid formation of gum and varnish with in fuel system.  Adrenaline Marine has the strongest cleaning properties to restore gummed or varnished fuel systems to like new condition with in one tank of fuel and keeps fuel fresh when stored for up to a year.  Adrenaline Marine is a must to keep all runabouts and safety boats in top condition year round.
For all 2 and 4 stroke engines

8oz Treats 100 Gallons of Gas

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