You have already invested your time and money into a boat that you expect to work when you need it. The last thing you want to think about is the cost of repairs due to engine or drive system issues. REV-X offers the marine industry products that increase performance, and efficiency as well as eliminating problems associated with ethanol enhanced fuels for trouble free running on any size boat.

It is no secret that pleasure boats engines are subjected to some of the highest loads in the boating world. Whether you are cruising with a full load of happy boaters like yourself or pulling 4 tubes at a time, REV-X Oil Additive adds performance you can feel as well as the protection your engine needs to perform at its best day in and day out. REV-X Oil Additive eliminates the friction within your engine that causes high temperatures and wear and tear on high load components, releasing additional performance as well as providing protection for all lubricated components. REV-X Oil Additive is the key product at a cost effective price to safeguard your boat from expensive repairs regardless of how hard you play on the water.

4oz of REV-X Treats One Engine.
Out Drive 

DRIVE-L greatly increases the performance of outdrives by increasing the lubricating properties for increased load capabilities, increased shock load and reduction of friction.  DRIVE-L eliminates wear on gears, bearings and shifting components to providing extended service life of the entire drive.  Reduced operating temperatures are also a large benefit that extends the service life of both lubricating fluid and seal life.  Whether you are running upgraded power to your drive or are just looking for the best lubricant available, DRIVE-L is the only lightweight lubricant available that can provide serious increases in performance and provide maximum protection to eliminate failures.

DRIVE-L can be used for all OEM applications that call for lightweight or engine oil lubricants.

Hydraulic Steering

Rev-X Oil Additive brings new life to Hydraulic Steering Systems with greatly increased lubricating properties. By increasing lubrication, reduced fluid and component temperatures are realized throughout the entire steering system promoting much smoother steering operation and extended life for all lubricating fluid, steel, rubber and plastic components ensuring increased reliability to keep your boat running trouble free for years to come.

1oz of REV-X Treats Most Power Steering Systems.

Rev-X Distance Diesel Fuel Additives were formulated to be the top performing all in one additive package money can buy at a cost effective price. The Distance Additives increase engine performance and fuel economy in all diesel engines. However, Distance Additives also eliminate ALL of the problems that are associated with Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel boosting reliability for all fuel system components and extending the useful life of diesel fuel for up to a full year. Some of the immediate benefits the Distance Fuel Additives provide are smoother idling and running engines, greatly reduced exhaust smoke, increased fuel economy and higher top speeds.

1oz Treats 25gallons

REV-X Adrenaline and Adrenaline/Marine Gasoline Additive increases the performance of all marine gasoline and eliminates the harmful problems associated with Ethanol Alcohol.  Adrenaline provides increased fuel performance and trouble free running for all fuel systems in proper running order.  Adrenaline/ Marine provides increased fuel performance for optimum performance and eliminates all harmful aspects of Ethanol treated gasoline.  Adrenaline/ Marine also provides the strongest cleaning agents to rapidly clean all fuel system components of gum and varnish for maximum performance within one tank of fuel.  Both products keep fuel fresh in stored conditions up to a full year in even the worst conditions.

Adrenaline 8oz Treats 25 Gal
Ad/Marine 8oz Treats 100Gal

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