REV-X Products understands that performance, protection, and efficiency are key to the personal watercraft industry. With the combined use of REV-X oil and fuel additives, we will extend the life of your engine, fuel system, and power system, while maximizing the performance of you watercraft for many years to come.

Rev X Oil Additive is the ultimate in protection for any Four Stroke personal watercraft engine. Once again, the goal is reducing friction within the engine so that all rotating components can move in an uninterrupted fashion that reduces wear and tear on your expensive engine. With the reduction in friction you will also have much quicker throttle response, many people have reported reduced times from start to top speed as well! Get Rev X Oil Additive in your engine for greatly increased performance and protection so you can stay away from the costly repairs and enjoy your time on the water.

4oz Treats One Engine
Pump Housing

Today's personal watercraft make more power than ever before and that puts more stress on Pump housing components that if left unchecked can cause severe damage. Jet Drive Pump Housings have never held a tremendous amount of lubricant and because of the high loads placed upon them, Rev X Oil Additive is the solution to extending the service life of all bearings and seals. Rev X Oil Additive also promotes reduced drag within the pump itself allowing all the power to shine through in eye watering acceleration every time you grab the throttle.

1oz Treats any Pump Assy

REV-X Marine Adrenaline concentrate provides increased fuel performance for optimum performance and eliminates all harmful aspects of Ethanol treated gasoline.  

Marine Adrenaline also provides the strongest cleaning agents; to rapidly clean the fuel system components of buildup and varnish to maximize performance using a single tank of fuel.  Marine Adrenaline will keep gasoline fresh in stored conditions up to a full year.
REV-X Marine Adrenaline is essential when storing personal watercraft for the winter months.  Adding Marine Adrenaline to the tank before storage will keep the gasoline stable and ready for use providing you trouble free operation.

Marine Adrenaline 8 oz
Treats 100 US Gallons

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