REV-X Products understands that performance and efficiency are the key components for the trucking industry. With the combined use of REV-X oil and fuel additives, we will extend the life of your engine, fuel system, and power train, while maximizing the performance and efficiency of your vehicle for many years to come.

The heavy truck industry is focused on three primary functions, Performance, Economy and Reliability! REV-X Oil Additive used in engine oil has proven to increase performance in each of these categories by returning higher fuel economy, extended maintenance intervals, extended component life within engine and turbo systems and greatly reduced downtime and costly repairs at a cost that anyone can afford.

*Heavy Diesel = 12 oz.
*Heavy Gas = 8 oz.

New vehicles should follow normal break in procedures before use of REV-X Oil Additive.
Manual Transmission

REV-X Products are taking transmission lubricants to the next level by offering specific products for all styles of manual transmissions used on the road today. SHIFT+ ATF HD& SHIFTHD increase the performance of any manual transmission to new levels. SHIFT lubricants increase lubricating properties for increased shock & stressed loads to components without failure, reduced friction, lower operating temperatures and reduced wear on treated components for the smoothest shifts possible. SHIFT+ ATF HD& SHIFTHD are quickly becoming the new world standard for Manual Transmission lubricants and is a must for any serious truck application!


REV-X Oil Additive is a must have for Power Steering systems to increase the service life of hydraulic pumps and components. Rev-X eliminates friction and high system temperatures promoting the smoothest steering operation possible. For above and beyond protection of all power steering system components use 1oz of Rev-X oil additive.

2oz. Treats all Power Steering Systems.


GEAR-HD Differential Fluid is a Maximum Performance 85w-140 GL5 semi-synthetic lubricant for heavy duty differentials. GEAR-HD offers radically increased performance for any differential by minimizing friction and maximizing lubricant film strength to provide an increased load capacity that no other product on the market can come close to offering.  The shock load capability has also been increased (without increasing the viscosity of the oil) to a level that allows gears and bearings to operate problem free even in the most demanding environment.  
Simply put, GEAR-HD Differential Fluid provides the features that protect even the most highly modified vehicles differentials against catastrophic failure and extreme component wear while putting all the power to the ground as it should be. 

Transfer Case

CONNECT-HD is a Maximum Performance Transfer Case Fluid for Heavy Duty Transfer Case applications.  With a heavily additized semi-synthetic light weight oil, CONNECT-HD provides increased load capabilities, increased lubricant film strength, reductions in hyvo chain and gear & bearing wear, improved Shifting, increased fluid and component life.  Both modern and late model, electronically and manually shifted transfer cases will run cooler, last longer and perform better with CONNECT-HD.  CONNECT-HD is the only high performance lubricant blended specifically for high performance and heavy towing transfer case applications.

Directly replaces all GM Trak Transfer Case Fluids.

Diesel - 
Distance+ Winter

Rev-X Diesel Fuel Additives Distance+ and Distance+ Winter were formulated to be the top performing all in one additive package money can buy at a cost effective price.  
They increase engine performance and fuel economy by increasing the cetane number by a minimum of 6 points and eliminate common problems such as hard starting, lack of lubricity, poor storage life, soot buildup, Bio fallout, moisture in fuel and much, much more.  For use in all diesel powered trucks and power equipment.

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