As riders and racers here at REV-X Products, we understand that the printed promises of increased engine performance and greater protection are rarely met by the products being offered! Well, Get ready for something NEW! Performance Products that will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that REV-X Products is very serious about making your ride perform in a higher performancecategory, while increasing the reliability to levels that are above and beyondeven your expectations.

Rev-X Oil Additive is simply mandatory for any air cooled V-Twin engine. The most immediate benefit that is realized are the increases in power and torque! Rev-X Oil Additive has proven time and time again to eliminate friction within engines to such a large degree that it's easy to see the increase on Dyno's with back to back runs. While increasing Horsepower and torque is great there are other factors that make Rev-X Oil Additive such a great addition to these engines, such as delivering a much smoother running engine, greatly reduced engine operating temperatures (most notably on the rear cylinder and head were it is needed most, especially in warm climates!) and the ability to deliver above and beyond lubrication to all internally lubricated components for trouble free operation for years. Regardless of how hard you like to ride, Rev-X is there to increase the performance and protect your ride like you've never experienced before.
4oz Treats one Engine
Manual Transmission

There is nothing harder on manual transmissions than racing! REV-X Products are taking racing lubricants to the next level by offering specific products for all styles of manual transmissions used in racing today. SHIFT+ ATF, SHIFTL & SHIFTH increase the performance of any manual transmission to new levels. SHIFT lubricants increase lubricating properties for increased shock & stressed loads to components without failure, reduced friction, lower operating temperatures and reduced wear on treated components for the smoothest shifts possible. SHIFT+ ATF, SHIFTL & SHIFTH are quickly becoming the new world standard for Manual Transmission lubricants and is a must for any serious racing application!


If you've been looking for a fuel additive that will give your bike an increase in performance that you can feel as well and that has cleaning properties to keep the entire fuel system and engine free of gum, varnish and carbon deposits, your search is over!  Adrenaline provides these benefits and many more.  Adrenaline also eliminates ethanol related issues while increasing performance and fuel economy.  If you need a product with more cleaning power Adrenaline/ Marine provides the strongest cleaning agents to rapidly clean all fuel system components of gum and varnish for maximum performance within one tank of fuel.  Both products keep fuel fresh in stored conditions up to a full year in even the worst conditions.

Adrenaline 8oz Treats 25 Gal
Adr/Marine 8oz Treats 100Gal

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