When you finally have the time to go fishing, there is nothing worse then having a broken boat. The expense is one problem, however, the let down is another. REV-X Oil Fuel Additives have been developed to keep your boating experiences problem free from issues that are common in the marine industry today.

Rev X Oil Additive is the ultimate in protection for any Four Stroke outboard engine. Once again, the goal is reducing friction within the engine so that all rotating components can move in an uninterrupted fashion that reduces wear and tear on your expensive engine as well as cooler operating temperatures. With the reduction in friction you will also have improved acceleration allowing you to beat the other guys to your fishing hole. Get Rev X Oil Additive in your engine for greatly increased performance and protection so you can stay away from the costly repairs and enjoy your time on the water.
2oz treats engines up to 90hp
4oz treats engines 100hp+

Lower Unit

DRIVE-L greatly increases the performance of outdrives by increasing the lubricating properties for increased load capabilities, increased shock load and reduction of friction.  DRIVE-L eliminates wear on gears, bearings and shifting components to providing extended service life of the entire drive.  Reduced operating temperatures are also a large benefit that extends the service life of both lubricating fluid and seal life.  Whether you are running upgraded power to your drive or are just looking for the best lubricant available, DRIVE-L is the only lightweight lubricant available that can provide serious increases in performance and provide maximum protection to eliminate failures.

DRIVE-L can be used for all OEM applications that call for lightweight or engine oil lubricants.
Power Trim/
Hydraulic Steering

Rev-X Oil Additive brings new life to Hydraulic Systems with greatly increased lubricating properties. By increasing lubrication, reduced fluid and component temperatures are realized, promoting much smoother steering operation and extended service life for all lubricating fluids and steel, rubber and plastic components ensuring increased reliability to keep your boat running trouble free for years to come.

1oz Treats Power Trim
1oz Treats Power Steering


REV-X Adrenaline and Adrenaline/Marine Gasoline Additive increases the performance of all marine gasoline and eliminates the harmful problems associated with Ethanol Alcohol.  Adrenaline provides increased fuel performance and trouble free running for all fuel systems in proper running order.  Adrenaline/ Marine provides increased fuel performance for optimum performance and eliminates all harmful aspects of Ethanol treated gasoline, while also providing the strongest cleaning agents to rapidly clean all fuel system components of gum and varnish for maximum performance within one tank of fuel.  
8oz of Adr Treats 25gals
8oz of Adr/Mar Treats 100gals

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