At REV-X Products we understand all to well that if you can't finish the race you will never win anything! With the use of our product lineup in your drag racing program you will see increased reliability and performance gains in all drive line components allowing all the power to be utilized to do one thing - WIN RACES!

REV-X Racing Oil Additive is the competitive edge that every racer has been looking for to increase the performance of any engine with zero downsides. Rev-X RACING Oil Additive can be used in any racing engine application and provides heightened protection levels that previously were unattainable at any price. Not to be confused with the original Rev-X Oil Additive, Rev-X Racing Oil Additive delivers a much more advanced product to the High Performance and racing industry with benefits that are tailored to the extreme abuse that today's advanced racing engines deliver. Rev-X RACING Oil Additive was formulated for use in both wet sump and dry sump engine lubrication systems and can be added to any High Performance Lubricant regardless of base stock or viscosity for a lubricant that provides the maximum performance and protection that can be seen on the dyno and felt in the seat of your pants.
Manual Transmission

There is nothing harder on manual transmissions than racing! REV-X Products are taking racing lubricants to the next level by offering specific products for all styles of manual transmissions used in racing today. SHIFT+ ATF, SHIFTL & SHIFTH increase the performance of any manual transmission to new levels. SHIFT lubricants increase lubricating properties for increased shock & stressed loads to components without failure, reduced friction, lower operating temperatures and reduced wear on treated components for the smoothest shifts possible. SHIFT+ ATF, SHIFTL & SHIFTH are quickly becoming the new world standard for Manual Transmission lubricants and is a must for any serious racing application!



Specifically designed for the enthusiast that demands the most performance possible from their equipment while providing unprecedented protection and durability. REV-X GEAR Delivers!

GEAR differential fluid is the highest quality, highest performance lubricant for racing applications ever made available to the marketplace. GEAR has been formulated to eliminate all differential related problems in the most severe and demanding racing applications. Severe wear on gears and bearings, high operating temperatures, seal failures and poor fluid life are all problems of the past when using GEAR differential fluid.


Many Drag racers still use the higher grades of pump based gasoline for drag racing.  The Adrenaline gasoline additive boosts the performance of any grade of pump gasoline for increased engine performance and increased throttle response.  Together these benefits provide quicker 60 foot times and faster ET's.  Adrenaline also eliminates any problems with Ethanol Alcohol treated fuels such as corrosion, drying of rubber products and shortened fuel life.  REV-X Adrenaline Fuel Additive is recommended for use with all gasoline engines (2 and 4 stroke) and will treat up to 25 US gallons of gasoline. 

Do you run alcohol in your drag car?  Ever get tired of flushing the fuel system when you are done running?  Tired of having to buy special, treated fuel system components?  E-Boost Alcohol Additive is formulated for use with E-85 and methanol fuels to ELIMINATE the corrosive aspects of alcohol as well as providing a performance boost that allows for better starting and running engines.  E-Boost has also been reported to produce better ET's and more consistent runs.

8oz treats 25gal of alcohol

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