REV-X Oil Additive reduces and increases wear resistance for piston rods, valves, pistons, rings, crankshafts on reciprocating piston compressors by increasing the lubricity of the oils protection layer. In addition, REV-X Oil's detergent package will reduce slugging and cleanup existing slugging problems. Our seal -softening package will help seals from becoming brittle, therefor eliminating failures due to cracking and deforming.
By reducing metal to metal wear, REV- X Oil Additive will reduce harmful metal to metal fragments form your compressor therefor increasing the compressors useful life and lower repair and maintenance cost. The compressors efficiency will increase by building and holding air pressure longer and it will do so with less energy consumption.
Problems associated with high humidity and outside exposure/field, service applications are reduced to the REV-X Oil's ability to fill the pours of the metal and provide a protective barrier that is absorbed on into the metal, not just coating it. This barrier will reduce corrosion and keep metal parts lubricated on dry starts.
Engine/Crank Case

Rev-X High Performance Oil Additive brings new life and reliability to all air compressors that use a oil to lubricate and cool the compressor. Not only is Rev-X going to reduce the amount of friction within the pump itself, it is also going to promote a much cooler running pump assembly. By achieving these aspects Rev-X High Performance Oil Additive is going to increase the service life of of all lubricated components including crankshaft, connecting rods, pistons, valves and seals. With the addition of Rev-X High Performance Oil Additive you will see greatly reduced failures on high load components which translates to reduced down time and elimination of expensive repairs.

For gasoline driven compressors, REV-X Adrenaline treatment is a must for keeping your equipment safe from the negative aspects of today's ethanol additized gasoline. The additive packages in Adrenaline eliminate all ethanol related issues while increasing the fuels performance to make your compressor or gasoline powered equipment perform the way they were intended to, Problem free!  Adrenaline Gasoline Additive also contains the most powerful off the shelf formulation to eliminate the formation of gum and varnish deposits that build up in fuel system components over time.  Adrenaline also protects all of your gasoline powered equipment when not in use by keeping gasoline fresh for better than a year.   

For diesel driven compressors, REV-X Ultimate, Distance+, Distance + Winter fuel additives are necessary to keep your diesel power systems running smoothly in all conditions by eliminating USLD and BIO issues, fuel storage and gelling problems, while increasing performance and efficiency.

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