REV-X Products understands that performance, protection, and efficiency are key to the Automotive industry. REV-X oil and fuel additives we will extend the life of your engine, fuel system, and power system, while maximizing the performance of your vehicle for many years to come.

For maximum performance and protection of all vital engine and turbo components, add 4 oz. of REV-X Oil Additive with each oil change.

*Diesel = 4 oz. per change.
*Gas = 4 oz. per change.

New vehicles should follow normal break in procedures before starting regular use of REV-X Oil Additive.
Manual Transmission

There is nothing harder on manual transmissions than racing! REV-X Products are taking racing lubricants to the next level by offering specific products for all styles of manual transmissions used in racing today. SHIFT+ ATF, SHIFTL & SHIFTH increase the performance of any manual transmission to new levels. SHIFT lubricants increase lubricating properties for increased shock & stressed loads to components without failure, reduced friction, lower operating temperatures and reduced wear on treated components for the smoothest shifts possible. SHIFT+ ATF, SHIFTL & SHIFTH are quickly becoming the new world standard for Manual Transmission lubricants and is a must for any serious racing application!

Power Steering

1 oz. of REV-X Oil Additive is recommended for all power steering units and provides a reduction in steering effort and eliminates annoying power steering groaning. REV-X Oil Additive also reduces the high temperatures of modern power steering systems while adding extra protection to keep you problem free.


Specifically designed for the enthusiast that demands the most performance possible from their equipment while providing unprecedented protection and durability. REV-X GEAR Delivers!

GEAR differential fluid is the highest quality, highest performance lubricant for racing applications ever made available to the marketplace. GEAR has been formulated to eliminate all differential related problems in the most severe and demanding racing applications. Severe wear on gears and bearings, high operating temperatures, seal failures and poor fluid life are all problems of the past when using GEAR differential fluid.

Transfer Case

CONNECT is the answer to ineffective lubricants specified for Transfer Case applications. Connect is a semi synthetic lightweight performance lubricant that increases the load capacity of any Transfer Case for racing applications. CONNECT safely eliminates wear on bearings, gears and hyvo chains and reduces high component and fluid operating temperatures to extend the service life of your Transfer Case under even the most severe racing conditions.

REV-X Adrenaline Fuel Additive is recommended for use with all gasoline engines and will treat up to 25 US gallons of gasoline. Adrenaline helps eliminate ethanol related issues while increasing performance and fuel economy. For use in all 2 and 4 stroke engines.

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